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IC Time: Mid-month 5 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Players: L’ott, A'yon, L'dor, Ulana.
Location: South Caves
Scene: Preparations of supplies for the jump.  Thanks to banyth for the early poses.

As the ominous 'Jump Date' approaches, preparations have already been underway. Between the added drills and the overall bustle of people getting ready to stay or go, Connell has been a flurry of activity since L'ott's announcement in the dining hall those few weeks ago. This once empty, spare cave has been designated with new purpose; housing the supplies that will be taken Forward with them. Various crates, bags, leathers, and other such equipment are crammed together in random, unorganized piles. Having given an announcement during the afternoon meal that volunteers were needed to help organize and doublecheck the supplies in the cave, L'ott just now arrives on the scene, only a few minutes later then the time he'd given. He moves along the walls, uncovering glowbaskets to shed a little light on the cave.

A'yon is one of the volunteers that arrived to help out with the supplies, and with list in hand he has already begun checking things off on one random pile. L'ott's entrance provides a welcome distraction, and the bronzerider offers him a smile. "L'ott, got this list from Linsora, thought I would go on and start checking stuff off for your jump."

L'dor arrives, moving carefully as he's hefting a large crate in his arms. He lowers it next to a couple of similar ones, taking care to bend his knees and take the weight with his legs. As he stands again, he flexes his hands. "This one's tools, I think. What can I be doing?"

L'ott looks over towards A'yon, a bit startled to see the man present. Apparently, when he'd called for volunteers, he'd not actually expected many, if any. He glances over his shoulder as he hears L'dor, and a brief grin crosses his lips before he seems to remember exactly why they're there and turns to glance over all the supplies. "Good thinking, A'yon. We've gotta do more then that though." He moves across the room and crouches down next to several large, canvas bags. "This equipment was jumbled in here, haphazardly organized, and then left to be. There's no guarantee everything's in the best condition. The flamethrowers need to be checked over and cleaned up, riding straps and leathers need to be checked for wear and tear, and all of that stuff. Plus, we need to make sure the packaging is going to hold up during flight. Some of these crates look like they're going to fall apart, and this bag is leaking...mold." He frowns as he reaches down and fingers the small pile of moldy grain. "Not everyone's taking this seriously."

A'yon turns and nods at L'dor, making a mark on the hide in his hand. "Check, got it L'dor." Dropping the hide to his side, the bronzerider moves over toward the Weyrleader, frowning at the clutter. "Aye, those that we haven't been training with, we just sort of left in here where we could. Shouldn't take long to make up some new crates, I'll speak to the smiths about it." Leaning down, A'yon takes a closer look at some of the crates, mumbling to himself and making more marks on his hide, before glancing back toward L'ott. "No, I don't think that many are, truth be told L'ott. But did you actually expect most would?" Standing he looks around, "you don't plan on taking all the usable flamethrowers do you? We can make more, but it would be nice to continue training on after you all leave."

L'dor wrinkles his nose at the mention of mouldy grain, but his interest is elsewhere. "Riding straps? That sounds like something I can do." He scans the cave until he's located them, then folds himself to sit cross-legged on the ground next to the large heap of tangled leather. He starts to pull the tangles into separate sets of straps, so that he's gradually surrounded by smaller piles of hide.

As is becoming her usual habit, Ulana's managed to slink in unnoticed at some point - and so, she appears as if from the shadows, doing more poking into boxes and barrels than any real sorting or inventorying. However, she's a small scrap of hide in one hand; the observant might notice it come out at the downturn of her pretty lips as she comes upon a box of lightweight fabrics. Wrinkling her nose, she makes a mark and moves along.

[Weather] The season is late autumn; it is evening and the daylight slowly dwindles away into full darkness. The sky is not completely overcast, but clouds cover over half the sky. Today's cool air stings the skin of those used to heat, but feels almost warm if one is used to cold. It's breezy, with sudden gusts of wind every so often.

"Honestly? Yes. Considering how much these guys talked about wanting to fight Thread, I thought they were insane enough to jump at this chance." L'ott pauses before taking the bag of grain up on his shoulder and moving across the room. He drops it near the door before looking back at L'dor. "Any leather that's cracked or weathered beyond repair, set it in a pile over by the door here. We're not going to take crap to an unknown future." Future. He moves back towards the bags he'd been examining, opening up one and looking within, shifting his fingers through it. "It would have helped if they had someone they actually respected giving the announcement." He shakes his head to A'yon's last question. "A couple are being left. If you need more, have them made. We're not entirely sure what we're going into. I want to be as prepared as possible."

"Aye, we will have plenty of time on our hands in the present. With Northern relations improving, I am sure we can barter with the Smithcraft hall at Telgar for assistance." A'yon makes a few more marks on his hide, nodding pleasently to Ulana as he passes by her, heading in L'ott's general direction. "Have you thought though, about what or how we can explain the mysterious disappearance of most of the weyr?" Pondering a moment, he shakes his head and turns back toward another as of yet unorginized pile, "Never mind, I am sure that we will think of something. Questions will be asked, but it won't really matter I suppose."

"Most people're all talk," Ulana offers to L'ott, languid and indifferent as she paws through a bag of clothing. "Don't you know that by now?" Duh. She offers A'yon a brilliant smile, then passes the Weyrleader to ask, "But you'd leave crap behind?" Brows arching, she smirks and moves on. "I figure we can just tell people they started -another- Weyr. They'd buy that." Coming up to the food stores, she gains a keener interest.

"Well, that's this set out," L'dor murmurs, and shoves a pile of brittle, cracked straps away for him. As he picks up the next set, which look rather smaller, and probably fit a green, he's keeping an ear on the conversation. He's fingering the surface of the leather and tugging at seems and buckles in a way that suggests it's a job he's done many times. "Don't suppose anyone up North's going to be too worried if some of us just vanish, and everyone here knows where we're going. But another site sounds plausible. Then in a bit, you can put it about that we've met some horrid fate, and they can all be terribly smug about it."

L'ott closes up the bag he'd been looking into and pushes it back in favor for openning another bat and inspecting it as he responds to a'yon, and in turn Ulana as he notices her presence. "There's going to be plenty left behind for the residents here. What I'm saying is that I'm not taking their discarded junk." He smirks at Ulana's words before shaking his head. "That won't work well. They're going to want to know where we are and just what we're up to if they think we've taken up another site. There'll be too many questions and not a sight of the missing individuals." He glances towards L'dor and grins briefly before shrugging. "They'd probably love the fact that we died in some terrible fashion." He frowns after a moment, realizing that then again, there was always the possibility that they /would/ die in a terrible fashion, trying to attempt the impossible. He shakes off that doubt, closing the canvas bag. "My vote is, just don't report anything to them about it. Soon as the Senior rises and another bronze catches, they're not going to come here and count the heads of those missing. Though I guess there's the worry about the missing crafters and those family members from the north."

A'yon shrugs, pausing to think a moment at L'dor's words. "That's not a bad idea, we were running out of weyr space, decided to branch out, maybe even try to settle in those caves that were explored a few turns back." Turning, the bronzerider plops down on a sizable crate, that creaks a bit but holds his weight. Blue eyes turn toward L'ott, nodding. "Valid point as well. Those with family in the North should at least get a chance for goodbyes, even if we don't want word to spread about what we are trying to do, they owe their families that much. Or, I am sure that letters could be written, to be delievered afterward if people would perfer." Standing, he resumes his task, "fact is, with Margia's necklace we /know/ that it has been done, and now it is just getting the small details out of the way." A quick glance is given toward Ulana, before he turns back, "L'ott, of bronze and gold riders, who all is /going/ to stay. Kal and I, of course... but who else?"

Ulana looks up to L'dor over sacks of tubers. In all seriousness, "You think you won't have?" Isn't she a ray of sunshine. Dropping that subject as quick as she brought it up, she narrows her eyes L'ott's way, pointing out, "Your vote doesn't count since you're -going-. And that only works until 'they' come down, whenever that is. And the crafters wonder why their posted crafters aren't reporting. Maybe I'll just tell 'em the truth. Sounds crazy enough for -this- place." At A'yon's glance and question both, she offers a shrug. "I'm staying," she says bluntly. In case anyone hasn't guessed.

L'dor frowns at Ulana over the intervening gear and vegetables. "Well, maybe we shall. But I don't think so: the evidence is that we make it. And we'll have done the right thing in trying." He shifts onto his knees, the better to scan the cavern. "Have we got any oil down here? This set might be salvageable." He doesn't sound too sure of it.

L'ott nods to A'yon's initial words, closing up the bag he's been looking at and pushing it over slightly to seperate it from the unchecked goods. This could be a long, tedious project. "Those going should get the chance to say goodbye to their family up north, but I don't see a realistic way to do so without telling the world about Timing." He looks towards Ulana and frowns at her. "We can't tell them the truth. At least, not the majority. Though a few placed words to the Coucil should solve most of our problems. They'll know about betweening times. While they'll think we're crazy and wrong for trying it, if they find out after the fact, there's nothing they can do. They'll accept some sort of disaster theory to feed to their riders and the rest." He looks to L'dor at the other's question before nodding and pointing towards one pile of crates. "Oil bags should be packed away in one of those crates. F**k if I know which, sorry L'dor. Might be easier to go pick up some and come back." He looks to A'yon before shaking his head. "Not everyone has decided, though to count, Iopeian's coming, obviously. B'net and Elayne. D'ac's staying as far as I'm aware.. S'los is staying. K'teric's choosing option C and heading back North after the Jump."

L'dor gets to his feet and noses around among the crates without success. "I'll get my mending gear and some oil and see if I can fix these straps up a bit. Back soon." With that he's out of the cave and heading towards Banyth.

A'yon plops back down on his crate, nodding as each is named off. "I guess that S'los, D'ac, Kit, and myself will work together until Ulana's gold rises." He glances toward the young goldrider with a kind smile, "You will be Senior, but there will be plenty of support for you. myself, D'ac, and S'los. Everything will work out fine," he turns back toward L'ott, "be nice if you all could stay till Queriath rises, to get the matter of leadership settled, one way or another, though I suppose it doesn't matter much, we can work together till the next Weyrleader is decided."

Ulana offers L'dor a nod for the answer, with a seemingly-sincere, "Good luck." With that, she turns back to her poking about, making a mark on the hide now and again. Presumably to L'ott, with surpreme indifference, "We'll figure something out. You keep your head in the future, where it belongs. There's enough to handle with that." To A'yon's smile, she gives one of her prettier ones, waving a little as L'dor heads out. "Everything will be -perfect-," she says, quite pleased. "Though I think Zelinci might be sticking around too. Queriath's yet to rise though."

L'ott nods to L'dor, watching the bluerider leave before he shakes his head to his own thoughts and looks back to A'yon. He frowns after a moment. "Whether leadership is settled before we leave or not, you'll do fine. I'd be more worried about having Ulana as senior Weyrwomen." He remarks before grinning shamelessly at Ulana. He pushes up from the bags he'd been looking over, stretching his arms above his head as he remarks. "Maybe your boy will pull through this time, A'yon. But I don't envy you Weyrleadership. I never have a second to myself now days. The kid doesn't help." He frowns at that before shaking his head. "I think I'll head back to the weyr. This stuff will be here in the morning as always."

A'yon finished marking off items on his hide, ending up back at his former crate, sitting back down upon it again. "Zelinci is staying? Two golds would be better, to continue the weyr with." Laughing, he shakes his head, "I've talked to Margia, I know things turn out fine, but L'ott, I don't envy you taking them forward." He gives the younger bronzerider a shrug, "Kal's injury has almost healed, and he has more motion back that what he had for Ayerpheth's flight, I'm sure he'll be fine when which ever gold rises next. And speaking of kids, I need to collect mine from the nannies, told 'Sora I would today. Give Serini my best would you. Good day Ulana," with a nod to them both, he too departs toward the weyrhall.

Ulana's only got a glare for L'ott at that - until his last. With a sweet smile, she offers the Weyrleader a little wave - just a waggle of her fingers. "'Night, Daddy. Congrats. Not for me, but I hope you have fun with it." As A'yon heads off to deal with children as well, she shudders and just waves, left to survey the caverns for her own purposes.

Daddy. L'ott twitches at the idea. He's not exactly the most willing, joyful parent. He gives a vague nod to both of them before he turns and heads out the cave entrance, walking quickly towards a waiting Sehkteth.
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