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I can't see as how this'll work well for -me-.

Time: After 'The Announcement'
Place:  The Cave
Players: B'net, Ulana
Scene: Ulana and B'net discuss their options; the youngerst weyrwoman begins her plans.  They revert to the usual sluttiness at the end.

It's dinner time, and B'net is eating alone in the cave. He has a sandwich in one hand, and is absently rolling and re-rolling some dice with the other. Thilona's in the back, polishing the bar-top and setting up for the later rush, but for now, at least, it's just the two of them.

Ulana slinks on in as is customary for her - neither her impression or graduation have changed that habit. After a long moment in which she contents herself with the relative emptiness of the place, she attempts to sneak up on the bronzerider - because, why not? From behind him, "Hey."

B'net is clearly lost in thought, because Ulana's sudden appearance behind him causes a bit of a twitch as she speaks and he turns. "Hey," he replies, swallowing the bite of sandwich and gesturing with his other hand at the empty rest of the table. "How're you?"

Looking sorely disappointed with only the twitch, Ulana sighs. She contents herself with leaning over to kiss B'net's neck lightly before she takes up the seat across from him, all in a huff. "You coulda pretended to be more surprised," she tells him flatly. "And - I guess I'm okay. Been thinkin' a lot. Well, -more-. How're you?"

It was a jerky sort of turn? Ben smiles at the kiss and reaches a hand to trail around her waist as she moves past him, chuckling. "I'm sorry, I'll jump next time and throw my food at you, would that be better?" He rolls the dice between his fingers as he takes another bite, nodding and shrugging at her question. "Bout the same," he admits, "Lot to think about, these days. What's been rattling 'round in that pretty head of yours, then?"

"No. If you throw food at me and wreck my clothes, I'll hit you. And not in any fun way, either." Ulana rests an elbow on the table, chin in her hand as she watches Ben roll the dice. In a marginally better mood for the compliment, "Same thing as everyone else. Just think I had like, a bit more warning." A pause, then; "Io asked me to go an' I said yes, but - I'm rethinking."

B'net laughs at that, sandwich held safely out of the way. "You think you could hit me? Little thing like you, I could hold you off for hours with one hand. Snap you with three fingers," he adds with an exaggerated scoff and a flash of a grin. The sandwich is attended to, the dice picked back up and rolled again as he offers, "Well, they haven't set a date, that I've heard." Chew, swallow. "Rethinking? Why?"

Ulana leans over the table, trying for threatening. Physically threatening, for her, definitely does not work. "I could -try- to hit you. Sounds to me like you -want- me to," she says, dark eyes narrowed. The grin takes the edge off - she's the grace to be charmed by B'net at least. "Could not. Anyway, rethinking - 'cause, I dunno. I mean, someone has to stay behind, right? And Iopeian was all 'You and Queriath are the future of Connell'... I don't know. Just want to make sure I do the right thing."

B'net lounges back in his seat, chuckling at her attempt at threatening. "I'd rather like to see you try," he admits with a grin, "I've a feeling it'd be entertaining." Around another bite, he adds: "Could too," then chews in silence, listening as she goes on. "Someone does, I suppose," he agrees, "And you are the future of Connell... question's just how far in the future, I guess?" He smiles a bit at his own pseudo-joke, and shrugs again. "It's not something to do unless you're sure, obviously."

"You're eating," Ulana says grouchily. "Otherwise, I would. No sense in wasting a good sandwich." With a wrinkled nose, she asserts childishly, "Could not." She sits back in her seat, crossing her arms over her chest. "And, well. Obviously it's not to be done unless you're -sure-." There's a long pause as she twists a lock of dark hair around one finger, then; "Queriath asn't gone up yet, and she likely will pretty soon. Just an interesting position to be in."

"Right, that's all that's stoppin' you, I'm sure," B'net laughs, polishing off the last few bites of the sandwich and waving empty hands at her. "What now, then?" He grins, and goes back to lounging, dice rolling over his knuckles as he arches a brow. "You're thinking if everyone else goes, you'd be Senior, that it?"

To prove a point, Ulana scoots down low in her chair - and a moment later, her boot taps the chair right between Ben's legs. "That'd be a start," she tells him brightly - though it would greatly reduce her chance of getting any - and how likely is she to do that? At the brow arch and the question, she shrugs a bit, noting, "There's some good odds, isn't there?"

That warning tap brings B'net's legs together good and quick, maybe even quick enough to trap her foot between his knees. "Now, that's not the same as hitting me," he protests, "That's kicking, and it's totally different. Y'didn't say anything about kicking. Besides, that's a low blow. Can't be responsible for what I might do to you, an you do that." He does his own version of threatening for a brief moment, and it's probably at least a little more successful, if only because he's bigger than her. Then he sits back again, and nods. "There are, at that. It's something to consider, I'd agree. I wonder if they'll all go. I wonder how future Connell'll feel about having so many extra goldriders suddenly appear at their door, too," he adds, a bit skeptically.

Ulana offers up a brilliant smile, though she's still pretty far down in the chair, foot caught between his knees. Watching B'net be all threatening shifts her smile to a coy little grin, and she asks lightly, "What would you do to me?" Figures she'd take it that way. "An' that's the thing - even if future-Connell is just like 'awesome, threadfighters!' - how far down the chain am -I- gonna be? I can't see as how this'll work well for -me-." Screw civic duty - she wants something out of it.

B'net keeps her foot between his knees, giving a tug to see if he can pull her further out of her chair. Succeed or fail, he takes her shoe, and then releases her foot. "I'll steal your shoe and throw it at you, that's what I'll do," he threatens teasingly, waving the thing at her before tucking it out of sight. "Pretty far down, most likely," he agrees, "If you were the only one going, you could pass yourself off as whatever you like, but if Io and the rest are there..." He shrugs. "I'm going to go."

Ulana is pretty much hair and big dark eyes after Ben pulls - and she scrambles to sit back up, looking pouty about the loss of her footwear - or the fact that it wasn't something more interesting. "Now you're stuck with me. I ain't going nowhere without my shoe." She nods as he comes to pretty much the same conclusion she has - and then, at his last, with a heavy sigh, "I thought so. Aren't you even a -little- curious about seeing if we can rule the world together? It'll be fun..." It's a long shot, but hey.

B'net snickers as Ulana scrambles, and makes a face at her, "Maybe I'll toss it out the cave, what would you do then?" He gets up suddenly, heading across the room to pour himself a mug of ale. "Maybe a little," he admits with a laugh, "Guess I'm just more curious about going and living in the future. Besides, without Io and D'ac and A'yon and all those rotters to steal power from, it loses a lot of the satisfaction, you know?"

"Try'n throw you out after it," Ulana tells B'net archly. In an abrupt about-face, she's all sweetness and light when she asks as he gets up, "Get me one too?" Looking pleased about the admission, she notes, "Maybe for -you-. But for me? Doesn't matter much to me about the how or why, so long as I get what I want." Falling into another pout, "I'm gonna miss you. No one's as much fun."

"Like that'd work any better than trying to punch me," B'net scoffs at her arch retort, "At best you'd drag yourself over, too." He returns with two mugs, setting one in front of her before sliding back into his seat. Legs are stretched out, and set up on the edge of her chair beside her. He doesn't even disappear beneath the table, eitehr. "Well, that's where we differ, I guess," he shrugs. He's quiet for a second, then grins at her pout. "That's true, darlin', and nobody ever will be, either, just you see. No sulking, though. I'm not gone yet, am I?"

Ulana gives B'net another one of those brilliant smiles for the mug, taking a long drink before agreeing, a bit wistfully, "I guess." One hand drops to rest on his legs, fingers moving absently, she wrinkles her nose. "You tell me not to sulk at the same time as you tell me I'm never gonna have as much fun with anyone else? That's like, -counterproductive-." Still theatrically morose, "And you're not, but you're not exactly being nice to me while you're still -here-."

B'net takes a swig of ale, then another, so when he gestures absently with the mug it doesn't slosh over onto his hand. "Well, I don't want to get your hopes up," he jokes, "Or keep you from appreciating me properly while I'm here." He laughs as she goes all gloomy, shaking his head, "You are a fickle thing, aren't you? I'm being perfectly nice! I haven't even thrown your shoe at anything, yet." Another swig of ale, and he rolls his eyes and gives her hip a nudge with one foot. "Alright, then, little miss pouty. What would you like, before I go? I'll be nice."

"Appreciating you properly. Baby, I'm the only one who appreciates you properly." Ulana flashes a wide grin. "Maybe you'll figure that out before you go. And taking my shoe isn't being nice! You were being threatening too. -And- not bending to my will. You ought to make up for all that." At the nudge, her grin goes wider still. Thoughtful, "Can I -think- about it? 'Cause I want stuff that I wouldn't get anyway."

"You do appreciate me awfully well," B'net leers back at her before laughing: "Hey, you were threatening first, luv. Not my fault I'm better at it than you are, is it?" A sip of ale from the mug he's been gesturing with, and he grins back at her, nodding. "Sure, think all you like," he offers before eyes narrow a bit and he eyes her askance: "What do you mean stuff you wouldn't get anyways?"

Ulana flashes a wicked little smile, shifting from her chair to the one next to B'net. "I -try-. And you're only better at it 'cause you're bigger. And a boy." Her nose wrinkles irritably at that fact - so unfair! - and she shrugs over at the bronzerider, taking a sip of her ale. "I dunno. Seems to me that you'd give me stuff to drink and smoke and fool around with me -anyway-. So, I gotta think." With an innocent blink, "You said you didn't mind."

"Wrong, darlin," B'net grins wolfishly at her, "I'm better because I'm a -man-. And don't you forget the difference." He winks, drains a good half his mug, and then sets it down with an exaggeratedly satisfied noise. There's a beat, and then he grins at her like the last minute has all been a tease, which perhaps it has. "I would," he confirms, though the innocent blink has him suspicious. "What did I say I didn't mind, exactly?"

"Fine, you're a -man-. You're strong and - hairy and whatever. Good for you." Ulana, as usual, responds well to that wolfish grin, leaning in close to B'net - and abandoning her mug for now. Fingers trailing down his shirtfront, "See? So, I gotta consider it. And you said you didn't mind if I -thought- about it. Look - I'm not gonna pull anything on you. Not this time." Dark eyes flicking up to meet his, she seems sincere enough. "Promise. I just want to see you while you're here, mostly."

"I do have awfully nice hair," B'net grins back, "Girls are always saying so." He flicks a hand through it pretentiously, then slings the arm loosely around her shoulders as she leans closer. "Arright, you think about it, then, I'm fine with that. So long as you're not trying to pull anything over on me," he adds with a smile. His mug is reached for and drained, and he gives her back a little pat. "Now, come on. I don't feel like sitting around waiting for people. Let's go do something."

Ulana nods, agreeing easily, "You do, actually. It -feels- nice." And that seems to be the main thing, in the goldrider's mind - she lifts her hand to run fingers through it briefly. Moving away only enough to follow Ben's example with her own ale, she starts to stand, telling him, "What am I gonna pull over on you? I could try'n make you stay, but that's stupid. And you're leaving, so anything longterm is pointless." With another little grin, "What do you want to do?"

"I've no idea what you could pull on me," Ben admits as he stands and stretches, scratching his stomach absently, "You just have this general air of craftiness about you I don't altogether trust." He finishes the sentence with a grin, runs a hand through his hair again, and grabs his coat from the back of his chair. "I want to go get high on the beach and go down on you, I haven't really thought it out beyond that. C'mon."

"Aw, Ben," Ulana says, sliding an arm about him as he stretches. With a warmer smile than she's bothered to offer up yet, she continues, "You're likely one of the few people that -can- trust me. A little." There's a generally pleased sound at his suggestion, and fairly beaming, "Only fair for me to return the favour then." As soon as he's got his coat, she's started for the outdoors.

B'net laughs. "A little, she says. So reassuring." He tugs his coat on and takes two long strides to catch up, slinging that arm back around her shoulders. "Sounds like a plan," he grins at her. With an affectionate little brush at her hair, he turns to steer them both out.

I assume Ben gave her shoe back at some point.

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