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The Announcement

Time: About 6 PM on day 11 of month 4 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Place:Dining Hall.
Players: Alshain, A'yon, Blue, B'net, Elayne, Linsora, L'dor, L'ott, Margia, Serini, Sofika, Zakias.
Scene:Weyrleader L'ott announces the jump forward in time.

A'yon slides into a nearby seat, one shoulder rising in a shrug. "Aye, that is true. Been good, working with Kal on trying to improve his range of movement since that accident. How are you?" One meatroll casually munched on as he smiles at her.

The season is mid-autumn; it is early evening and it is not sunny. The sky is completely overcast by thick clouds. It's breezy, with sudden gusts of wind every so often. The air is a comfortable temperature, just barely cool on the skin; if in the sun, it's luxuriatingly warm.

L'dor walks in, pulling his jacket open and then proceeding to pick small bits of vegetation from his clothes as he heads over to the servery. He ends up with a handful of bits of twig and leaf, which he has to thrust into a pocket before he gets his food. Meal secured, he finds himself a seat.

Serini grunts again as she moves. "I'm doing alright. I feel useless as I sit here because I've been grounded and I can't even fly to my weyr."

Blue sits, staring patiently across the hall at the table where her superior, the Masterweaver, is eating dinner. Blue's got a fork, indeed and a plate of food too, but she's not doing much in the way of eating.

Meal time is just starting, and slowly.. well, actually with much speed, people begin to wander into the dining hall, in search of a restful and filling evening. L'ott is actually already here, sitting at a table off to his lonesome - like prefered ususal. His fingers drum on the table in an almost fidgety manner as his gaze shifts from the doors to the people already finding their plates and seats. His plate of food is untouched, left to cool on the table before him.

Zakias comes down the stairs with a grunt and then makes his way to the plates. He loads his up with big slices of roast herdbeast and tubers, and then tosses a roll on top. He picks his favorite table -- the one closest to the entrance to the records room, and sits down to eat.

At this early mealtime hour, A'yon and Serini sit at one end of a table in the mostly empty hall, food before them. Finishing one 'roll, A'yon nods, "Aye, I know Linsora was the same way." Blue eyes wonder around as the dining hall slowly fills up, his shoulders dropping in a sigh. "Looks like we just beat the crowd."

Alshain, a few people behind L'dor as he enters as well, watches the bluerider clean himself up (sort of), before he gets his own plate of food. After a brief look around, the harper heads over to join the rider now. "You know," he remarks in greeting, "most people just throw that stuff away instead of hoarding it in their pockets. How are you?"

Sofika is leant up against the frame of the entryway to the infirmary, shouting down the hall to someone inside as she spoons steaming stew from a bowl. "Whaaa? I didn't catch that!" She's just one more voice in the dinnertime din.

L'dor chuckles as he smiles up at the harper, the greeting distracting him from his plate of stew and greens. "Aww, and I thought I'd been discreet. Didn't realise how much greenery I'd picked up until I got inside. Been out with some of the new cotholders today. How are you?"

Elayne enters the room with out much of a fuss. She weaves her way to towards the serving table and pour's herself a large mug of juice and then moves her way towards A'yon's group. "May I join you?" She asked just a second before she plops herself in a chair.

Serini smells the food and her stomach grumbles a little. It seems all she does these days is eat. She manages with tons of manuvering and grunting to stand up and go get food. Her stomach is used as a prop and she gathers things to eat like some tubers and a few meat rolls and such. She grabs a glass of juice and manages to make her way back to the table with out bumping into anyone or anything else. She sets her stuff down and then tries to sit back down in her chair. Slowly does it and she plops a little undignifiedly into the chair with a grunt and then moves her self up to eat. "Sure. I don't mind." A glance goes over to L'ott as she rubs her lower back with one hand then digs into her food.

A question from her neighbor brings Blue out of her reverie and she blushes before dropping her head and piling her fork into her salad. "No, no, we haven't fought - nothing like that," she answers and shakes her head slightly.

"Pretty good myself," says Alshain as he moves to seat himself opposite the rider. "Must have been nice--it wasn't a bad day out there, was it? I've been inside all day again. How are those holders settling in, though?"

Glancing up, A'yon grins at the goldrider, "Plenty of seats to go around Elayne." He peers at her single mug of juice, "Not that hungry? You can have a few meatrolls if you'd like, I always get extra." He moves the overflowing plate toward her, but still within easy reach. "Not to much longer now is it Serini?" Another meatroll is snagged from the plate and plopped right into his mouth.

Alone is he? Well, good. Zakias likes it that way. He looks around the room and then picks up his roll, tearing it in half with his thumbs before stuffing roast in the middle.

One would think it best to wait until the -end- of the meal before making important announcements which might otherwise turn a person's stomach, though L'ott just isn't that thoughtful. Rather, it must be a pattern that if he can't enjoy his meal, no one else should. He continues to watch those individuals file in for a short while, waiting, at the very least, until everyone has settled into various chairs. As he notices Serini, his eyes narrow softly in thought, and he watches her more then anyone else as she moves to get her food stuffs and then returns to her seat. He shakes his head thoughtfully before he stands up. Clearing his throat, he rubs a hand against the back of his neck as he speaks. "Attention everyone.. Can I get everyone's attention please?" Considering the Dining Hall's usual din, he has to speak up rather forcefully to be heard.

L'dor still looks pretty pleased with himself. "Well, they've got a fair bit of building to do before they move in, but they were ecstatic about the site. Makes it seem worthwhile when you get that sort of re-" That's when he hears L'ott's call for attention. With eyebrows raised in surprise, he falls silent, turning to look in the Weyrleader's direction.

Serini is about to answer A'yon when L'ott makes his announcement. She pauses and just slowly eats watching L'ott.

Not entirely alone, Zakias - Sofika turns her head to look over her shoulder as L'ott attepmts to command attention, and (conveniently drawing her closer to Zak's favourite table) she shuffles a few steps backward to listen up.

Alshain, nodding absently to L'dor, is about to reply himself, but his mouth shuts again as L'ott stands up. He looks to the Weyrleader, then sneaks a sideways look at his dinner companion again, frowning, before his attention settles on the Weyrleader as well.

A'yon finishes munching on his 'roll, taking a sip of klah as L'ott calls for attention. Interested, the bronzerider turns slightly to get a better view of the Weyrleader, starting to munch on yet another meatroll.

Blue has just eaten her first listless bite of salad when L'ott speaks, and she gladly takes the opportunity to put her fork down. She faces the weyrleader attentively, but her eyes are elsewhere, across the room on Gyane.

"I asked where the bandages were!" comes the reply up from the infirmary. It's a lot louder, now, as the yeller, B'net, has made his way out, wrapping a bandage around a finger as he goes. "As you can see, I found them." He shoots Sofika a smile, the non-injured hand briefly touching her back as he passes, leaning over her shoulder to peer at the stew. "What kind is that, today?" he asks, moving past into the dining hall already.

Elayne turns her head towards their ill fated Weyrleader and waits to hear his all important message. Taking a long sip of her drink, she gives A'yon a pointed look before turning back to L'ott.

Zakias gives L'ott his attention by planting an elbow on the table and then dropping his chin into the palm of his hand. He nips off pieces of roll and chews them while he waits to see what happens, only turning his head to register B'net and Sofika behind him.

L'ott's eyes widen subtly as eyes turn to him. Well, that worked out better then he'd expected. He remains silent for a moment longer, either to allow things to quiet down or just to gather his own words and put this forth in a manner that wouldn't result in a full-blown riot, with a lynch mob calling for his own head. He looks around briefly, searching for his appointed Weyrsecond. Frowning after a moment, he looks back to the group on whole. "You guys know I'm not one for prepared speeches." Or talking publically, period. It shows in his lack of skill. "But there is something you all need to hear now, so bear with me. I know some of you have been asking a lot of questions lately. The main one being, where is this Threadfall that the Leaders said would come by now. Ironically, the answer has been staring us in the face for months now, and most of us never knew."

Sofika flashes a brief smile at Zakias, and shushing B'net agitatedly on the Harper's behalf. "Shhhh, someone's talking!" And it's not us, aheh. Her stew, as stated in barely a whisper, is "Fish."

"Fish, of course. Silly me," B'net grins. He does quiet down then, though, heading quickly to the tables to grab himself a bowl before coming back to lean against the wall and listen indifferently to L'ott's speechifying. Indifferently until Thread is mentioned, anyways, at which point he looks up a little, mildly interested, at least.

A'yon completely misses Elayne's look, as he was too engrossed in finishing off his meatroll. Munching slows and soon stops as L'ott begins speaking. Both 'brows raise and eyes narrow slightly, but otherwise A'yon gives a completely netural expression, attentioned focused completely on L'ott.

Blue looks, frankly, skeptical - though L'ott has managed to capture her attention, she's surely not buying into anything open-mindedly.

L'dor scoops up another forkful of stew, but it remains poised as he listens to L'ott, and there's a gradual straightening of his spine as he realises that this is going to be Serious. Capital 'S'. When the Weyrleader pauses, he shoots another glance at Alshain and murmurs, though not quietly enough for his concern to be hidden, "Shells, they actually know something?" Then he shovels in the stew and starts chewing without really noticing that he's done it.

Elayne curls her hands around her mugs and squeezes it hard enough to that the whites of her knuckles could be seen. Clearly, she is not quiet happy with the start of this little announcement. However, that is the only outward side of her displeasure of the words that come out of the Weyrleader's mouth.

Zakias snorts a little laugh, and then tosses another piece of roll in his mouth. L'ott has his full attention from the word 'Thread' however.

Alshain isn't even bothering eating, though his eyes flicker back to L'dor briefly as the bluerider whispers to him. "Apparently so," is his hushed reply, dubious. "I guess we'll find out."

Serini doesn't really react much as she sits and listens. She shifts a bit and tries to get comfortable.

Linsora finally comes out of the kitchens, having been making sure dinner was ready, and looks around at everyone in the dining hall. Sticking along the walls, she spots A'yon and moves over to her weyrmate and slips in next to him. "Hi there," she whispers to him and then nods to those that are also at the table before finally turning her attention to the Weyrleader and what he has to say about what is going on.

L'ott shakes his head as he lowers his hand, now crossing both arms against his chest as he looks around. Nagging discomfort causes him to sweat slightly beneath so many eyes, but he continues. "I.. we, have learned that in roughly 247 turns, Thread will once again fall. It will not fall in our natural lifetimes, and yet we -will- be there to fight against it." Figure that one out. The Weyrleader grins, lips so tight that the teeth beneath them can almost be made out. "The answer to this mystery has been kept from us for a long time now, made secret by our 'Leaders' for Turns now. It was thought too dangerous to be made public knowledge.. and perhaps rightfully so. The point is, we will use this secret to jump.. forward, to the time when Thread falls again."

Serini blinks as he says this and makes his announcement. "Seriously?" She seems a bit shocked by this and sits quietly after that.

L'dor swallows convulsively and almost chokes. Turning bright red, he grabs his mug and swallows some water. Once his breathing is restored to normal, he simply breathes, "Faranth!" and keeps listening. His attention is riveted to L'ott.

That was unexpected, and Blue's reaction is predictable. "B- b- b-b-baaa ha ha," she muffles into her sleeve, eyes tearing up in mirth as she tries not to make a complete and total fool of herself in front of people who probably actually believe this.

Sofika blinks once, blinks twice - although she doesn't look entirely surprised at L'ott's little anouncement, she certainly doesn't look to be assigning the idea any merit. "He's crazy," she chuckles breathily to B'net, nursing her bowl of stew down in front of her stomach. "Is he serious?"

A'yon offers his weyrmate a warm smile as she joins him at the table, reaching over to thread his fingers through hers as he listens to L'ott's big announcement. His hand tightens upon her's as the Weyrleader's final words are uttered, jaw clenched he glances around the hall observing all the various reactions, looking last upon Elayne for a few moments. Eventually he turns back to his weyrmate, leans over and whispers softly into her ear.

Alshain's brows are furrowed as he studies L'ott for the most part, but keeps sneaking looks at L'dor near him, then around the room for others' reaction. "You okay?" he asks L'dor at one point, watching the rider splutter. His reaction is less dubious, at least openly so, than some others'.

B'net continues eating his stew as L'ott makes this announcement. Brows go up briefly, but when he scoffs, it's about L'ott's word choice more than anything else, "-Roughly- 247? Who says things like that?" He rolls his eyes, and then turns a look at Sofika, shrugging. "Probably. I've no idea where they got the number, or which secret exactly he's talking about, but it's possible to between to another time." He offers it very casually, and then goes back to eating.

Linsora blinks at this news then at A'yon. "Can this actually be done?" she speaks softly. "Can dragons actually move through time?" Of course, then there's the question, someone has to stay behind and run the Weyr, don't they?

Elayne reaction is to look around to see the reaction from those in the room before turning to look at A'yon so they can show some sort of united front. Eyebrow raised a bit at the older Bronzerider, the goldrider rises from her chair and closer to their fearless Weyrleader that is trying to cause a riot in the dining hall.

"I know /that/," Sofika scoffs back at B'net, reaching over to plop her bowl on the edge of Zakias' table. "And who cares about the 'roughly' crap - have you ever done it? Between the times?" She's still only whispering, eyes wide as they turn onto B'net. "247 turns would probably kill him. Them. Anyone. Who tried it. If they were lucky, they'd end up like..." Jawdrop.

A'yon nods, in response to his love's question. "Aye, but it shouldn't have been told like that, and going that far forward, I don't know if it is possible." Laying a kiss upon her lips, he too rises moments after Elayne and heads towards L'ott, determination, more so that anger upon his features. As he nears the Weyrleader, those closest can clearly hear A'yon's next words. "That could have been put in a bit better way L'ott." Sighing, he turns to see if he can help settle the soon to be mob if he can.

Well, some choke, some laugh, some do both. Its the laughter that's taken as outright mockery that causes L'ott to frown now, face growing a little red with embarrassment. He's unfortunately close enough to B'net to catch the man's words and he scowls openly at the rider before shaking his head and continuing. "To those who don't believe me, evidence will be provided soon enough. There will be drills in Betweeening to another time, lessons taught to most bronze and goldriders soon after Weyrlinghood, only these will be more intensive. All of you have a decision to be made, and made soon, on whether you wish to remain here, or come forward to fight. That locket that Margia carried back with her through three centuries of time contained a note from Iopeian herself. We are needed there." He looks over to Elayne and.. for a change, there's an honest, if small smile, present for her approach. L'ott's smile fades for A'yon's words before he mumbles under his breath at the man. "Didn't see you up here doing it better. They're going to think I'm crazy no matter how I word it." So he'd just be blunt as hell.

B'net arches a brow. "You knew that?" He seems surprised, but then snorts and rolls his eyes again, "Of course, D'ac told you." He shakes his head a bit at his stew, taking a few more bites before nodding at her. "I've done it, yeah. Just to see practice, though." As she gets all wide-eyed and whispery, he arches a brow: "Kill who? Like who? Now I'm not even sure what you're talking about," he says, polishing off his dinner and going for another bowl. "He is still crazy, though," he adds when he returns, "I don't know where all this 'we were there' junk is coming from. Or the 'secrets kept from our leaders for turns' stuff, either," he says, over-dramatizing the phrase in mockery of L'ott. "Look, now A'yon is probably going to go say something even dumber. Now we just need Elayne in there... Oh good, there she goes."

"Yeah," L'dor murmurs. "I guess so. Shells and shards and little dragons! They can go through time." He goes very still as L'ott continues. "Oh, shells. That does explain some things. Like dragons nobody's ever heard of coming out of nowhere." He shakes his head. "I can't get my head round this." And then a look of sudden anger crosses his face and he turns towards Alshain. "But if they knew that dragons could do that, why in Faranth's name didn't they /tell/ us?"

Alshain hesitates, frowning at L'dor, then glancing quickly to L'ott at the front of the room. "I'm sure they had their reasons," he answers slowly, frowning. "Though I can't say I understand them myself," even he has to admit.

Blue shakes her head and stands up, frowning as this gets stranger, though a small giggle stick tickles her ribs before she clamps down on it. She backs away from the table, towards the wall that leads to the stairs, gauging the reaction of the crowd to L'ott's announcement.

Linsora watches A'yon go up and decides to stay seated for right now. The Headwoman has been on her feet most of the day and just grabs a pot of klah and a clean mug on the table to drink a bit, listening to things going on around her.

Sofika rolls her eyes back at B'net, deadpanning a quick, "I can hear the dragons, remember?" She's about to explain herself when he ditches her to fetch more stew, so she shifts her weight and takes a moment to survey the reactions about the room. When he returns, she's quick to resume their conversation. "Like Margia. Whom we've been treating as a dementia patient, when really she's just fantastically messed up from a 250-turn jump into the past." Her eyes slide back towards the leadership trio. "Nice of Iopeian to delegate this, huh?"

Serini has been sitting quietly for a while. Almost too quietly. She's shaking a bit and not saying anything. The meatroll in her hand is squished and she's white nuckled.

Elayne returns L'ott's smile with a nod as she moves to stand next to the Weyrleader. She only takes a second to make the decision he challenged everyone to make in a few days. "What he speaks of is true. Dragons do have the ability to travel through time just as they can move place to place... But it is dangerous both to rider and dragon, which..." She paused to look at those riders in the room, "is why not everyone is told, and it is only done in rare and life threatening emergencies." She then rolls her shoulders back, "Everyone knows that I believe whole heartily that it is our job to fight Thread, so I will be the first to sign up to move forward to our destiny."

L'dor answers his own question. "Didn't want the rest of us doing it, I expect. You can bet your life they told the bronzeriders." His lips press together for a moment as he listens to Elayne, nodding when she confirms his suspictions, then he shoots a resigned grin towards the harper. "Well. Wonder what the future's like. Looks like we're going to find out."

Blue mouths 'Destiny' with a wrinkled brow and looks across the hall to try to catch Gyane's gaze; when she can't, her face descends into a scowl.

"Oh. Of course," B'net replies as Sofika explains, "Forgot about that." He's back leaning against the wall with his stew in a moment, nodding at the healer. "Right, like Margia. Although," he points out, "Who knows what she was like when she left, right? She could've been old and senile anyways. No way to say it's the jump that did it. Ah, here we go," he says, as Elayne begins speaking. "Our destiny!" he imitates, punctuating with his spoon and a snigger. "I love these little official public speech moments, they're always so entertaining. I hope some of the chromatics start yelling, that'll make it perfect." He sucks stew off the back of a finger before flicking absently at his hair, and turning a look towards Sofika. "So, d'you think you'd go?"

Alshain is still frowning, looking back to Elayne as she speaks up. He doesn't answer L'dor until the man's latter words, when the harper tilts his head and glances back again. "You'll go, then?" he asks.

A'yon frowns at L'ott, "Well you are the /Weyrleader/ now aren't you." Shaking his head, he turns back toward the crowd, nodding as Elayne says her piece. "Listen everyone, this has been a big shock, but don't do anything rash. The method to go /between/ times were taught to gold and bronze riders once weyrlinghood was complete. But it is very, /very/ dangerous and can not be used to correct any wrongs, or to undue any /deaths/." A'yon looks pointedly at Sofika with that last statement before turning away. "Iopeian and I decided to continue that tradition here, which is why only the gold and bronze riders of the Weyr were taught, some later than others I regret to say." He looks at his own weyrmate briefly before continuing. "This is a huge plan to undertake, and everyone needs to think about their decision, to stay or go... I know that me and my family will."

Serini grunts a few minutes later as no one has noticed her and the pain hurts more this time. Her eyes go to L'ott, but she doesn't say anything as her mouth is clenched tight.

For once, Margia arrives for dinner while there's actually a meal in progress. She bustles in, smiling brightly. She crosses the hall, totally oblivious at first to the atmosphere. She's by the serving table when A'yon says his piece, and echoes, "Oh, dear me, yes. Very dangerous. I don't think I'd want to -" She stops as she notices a few of the nearest people looking at her. "Is something the matter?"

L'ott has never been greatful for Elayne's presence, yet now would be the exception to the rule. He relaxes a little as the weyrwoman speaks, words that he couldn't communicate himself. Its about then that B'net's words are overheard once again and he shoots a scowl towards the bronzerider. "Stuff it. Old news to you is life-altering to the rest of us. If you're looking for entertainment, go back to your bar, B'net." He mutters in a low enough voice not to be overheard by the majority. He smirks as A'yon begins to speak, inclining his head slightly before he nods. "Make no doubt about it, the majority of you will be expected to come. A Weyr can not fight at half strength. The rest will remain and keep Connell runni.." He pauses as he notices Margia wander casually into the dining hall. As yet, he doesn't notice Serini's distress.

"Actually, Iopeian was telling me how... nevermind." Sofika cuts herself off to chuckle at B'net imitation, shaking her head. "You dolt." His question earns him an incredulous look, and the healer's expression sobers; "You're not serious?" That's all she's got to say about that, it seems, for she starts to shuffle out. Looking mighty irritated.

Blue purses her lips in a slow whistle and slips onto the stairs. She pauses a moment just to make sure she won't barely miss something totally exciting, then trots softly upwards.

Serini finishes her contraction and gasps. Not one of those small gasps. It's a large oh my goodness gasp. She still isn't talking but she points to L'ott and puts the squished meatroll down.

Zakias follows Sofika's lead, pushing up from the table in a mostly unaffected manner and shuffling back to the records room as he mutters something under his breath.

"How what?" B'net asks Sofika, before making a face for her insult. "Hey, I'm not the one prattling about destiny," he replies before blinking at her irritation. "It was just a hypothetical," he tells her, before he's distracted by L'ott, calling back, "Stuff it yourself, pompous moron. You stand up there preaching and you deserve what you get." He rolls his eyes and takes a few more bites of stew before coughing. "Expected to come? You're going to force people to join you, now?"

L'dor gives a very small nod, the gesture showing his uncertainty despite his more resolute tone. "I guess so. It's what we came here for, and it sounds like they're going to need us." He pauses, thinking it through. "He said all of us had a choice to make - guess that doesn't just mean riders. What about you?" He's watching the harper for a reaction.

Alshain purses his lips, studying the almost forgotten dinner in front of him rather than the young rider opposite. "I... don't know," he confesses finally, shoulders lifting. He looks back up, offers a strained smile. "That's an awful lot to digest, and... a very big decision to make once you do."

A'yon heads toward Linsora without even a backward glance toward L'ott and Elayne. As he nears, he plops down into his recently vacated seat, attention focused upon his weyrmate. "We are going to need to talk love, about many things," offering her a small sad smile. A gasp from Serini does draw his attention, a curious look upon his features as he turns toward the greenrider. "Shards, /Serini/, are you okay?"

Serini finally says something when she's talked to. It's just one word. "No."

Linsora looks back to A'yon as he starts to talk to her. "I know love..." She stops midsentence when she hears Serini, which she instantly gets up to go over to her. "What is it Serini?" she offers to help support the greenrider before she may collapse.

Margia gives a bemused shrug when nobody answers her, and goes to sit down. One of the kitchen staff quickly provides her with plate, food, drink and napkin, and makes lots of reassuring noises, as if the old lady might be expected to be upset about something. Whatever it is apparently hasn't worked its way through to Margia however: she's peering curiously in Serini's direction. "Oh dear me. That poor girl."

L'ott arches a brow at B'net's words before calmly replying. "I'm presenting you with the truth, and a decision to make, B'net, not preaching. Whatever the hell you want to do is up to you. I wouldn't think to deprive you of the only thing you care about." He looks towards the dining hall in total. "I'll be available to anyone with questions. Or if you prefer, I'm sure you can hunt down Iopeian, Elayne, or D'ac. We will begin preparations shortly." With that, he starts towards his office...only to come to a sudden stop, his eyes blinking several times before he looks towards A'yon and, "Serini?" He hastily moves in that direction. "What's wrong?" Pause. Frown. "It's not.."

Elayne turns to look directly at B'net, "As L'dor just put it so clearly. It was why we came here to this place was to ready ourself for Thread." She paused for a moment as she gives B'net the coldest of her look, "If you are not committed to fighting Thread, then you can return back North. Connell's Job is to keep Pern ready to fight Thread when it does return." She pauses for a second, "So even if you do stay, you will train just like Thread was going fall tomorrow. You will keep the techniques alive for all to learn as they age."

A'yon's eyes widen as it is obvious that something is wrong. A quick look is cast toward L'ott, before his eyes unfocus for a moment. Turning back, he moves to Serini's other side, offering to help where he can. "Is it the babe? Shards, we need to get her into the infirmary." A'yon casts another quick glance back toward L'ott, nodding as he appears to now be heading in their direction.

Serini squeeks a bit as she grabs on to someone's hand and squeezes. Not sure who's it is she's grabbed. "I hope it's not the baby. I"ve seen that happen. I don't want it to happen." She tries not to cry. "But they said it would happen soon."

B'net sucks on his spoon as he looks at L'ott, finally nodding. "Not sure what y'meant by the end of that, but I'm glad to hear you won't be forcing people to go, at least." That's all he has to say about that, and then everyone else is fussing over Serini and the bronzerider rolls his eyes, moving to set his bowl down on an empty tray, completely uninterested in the girl. Elayne just earns a derisive laugh. "I'll do what I like, Elayne, stop pretending you've any say about it. L'ott was right, he wasn't preaching, but you certainly are and I'll thank you to keep your "destiny" and your interminable moralizing away from me. I'll come or I won't, but whatever I choose, it'll be for my own reasons and you'll have to get over it."

Linsora nods in agreement with A'yon. "We need to get you to the infirmary Serini, the Healers will know what to do with this." She was the hand Serini grabs as Linsora tries to help Serini up to take her to the infirmary.

L'dor nods, accepting, though for a fraction of a second he looks rather pained. Then he offers Alshain a rather sheepish grin. "It is. And I should talk to Shana, I guess. She's got the baby to think of now." He's starting to look worried and picks at his stew with little jabs of the cutlery.

A'yon smiles and nods, "There there Serini, Linsora has been through this twice, and look at her standing there perfectly fine. Now we need to get you up, and headed toward the infirmary." With a good bit of attention on them now, A'yon asks a few riders to help clear a path for them. "Okay, need to get you up out of the seat, and see there is a path that we can head down."

"Right," agrees L'dor, nodding and offering L'dor a small smile. "I understand. She... do you think she would come, her and the baby, or...? Well. Probably shouldn't get into that now, I suppose." The commotion elsewhere is more or less ignored; while Alshain glances that way and seems to be keeping up with the gist of it, most of his attention is on L'dor and the virtually untouched dinner before him.

L'ott is the very man who'd given Serini nothing but hell since her pregnancy started, and yet here he is now, looking befuddled. Rather then trying to run off, he seems to have accepted his place as Serini's shadow. Seeing as A'yon and Linsora have taken care of helping Serini up and clearing a path, he rubs his hands together roughly.

As everyone else seems concerned with the greenrider and whatever her deal is, B'net grabs a couple rolls and some cheese from the table and wanders towards where L'dor and Alshain are sitting, sliding into a seat nearby. "So, what do you make of that?" he asks the pair without preamble, "As people who weren't aware of timing before tonight?"

Serini groans as she's kinda pulled up and lifted. "Nonononononoono!" She doesn't know what to do. The pain is one thing. It comes and goes. She tries to turn and look back at L'ott as a sign of saying come on. This is your responsibility.

Linsora helps Serini move over to the infirmary. "I know it hurts, but just breathe. Focus right now on getting to the infirmary. One step at a time. Breathe in and out, in and out..."

L'dor twists his lips into a wry expression before answering B'net. "Not sure. I think I'll find out more about it before I pass judgment." The cleft in his brow deepens. "But you must know about this stuff. Do you have to... to mean to go through time, or could someone do it by accident?" He shoots a brief glance in the direction of a certain time-travelling elderly goldrider.

A'yon can only nod at his weyrmate's words. "Listen to Linsora Serini, focus on breathing, we will be in the infirmary in just a moment." Blue eyes glance back toward L'ott, "Want to run a head and let them know that we are coming? Might be a good idea."

L'ott gives Serini a truly pained expression as she looks back at him and gives him that sign that goes completely over his head. He looks towards Linsora, rocking on his feet for a moment before A'yon gives him direction. He quickly nods. That, he could do. He quickly moves past L'ott and towards the Infirmary at a jog. His demands can be heard even before the door shuts, words along the lines of 'Get ready! She's coming!' And further quick explaination.

B'net rips one of the rolls in half and folds the cheese into it, nodding at L'dor. "I've done it, yeah," he replies, before brows come together at the question. He thinks a moment, then shakes his head. "I don't know, I'm not sure it would be possible to do by accident. Not and survive, anyways. I think it'd be like somehow accidentally betweening to somewhere you've never been before, only... worse. I don't really know, though, to be honest." He follows the glance to Margia, and shakes his head. "I think she came on purpose. If she really was carrying some sort of note...."

When B'net approaches and speaks up, Alshain looks around to him, brows sliding upward. "Couldn't say myself, sorry," he says after a moment, shaking his head. "It's big news, that's true, and it will take me a while to sort through it all myself." Then, he's quiet, glancing between the two riders.

Serini gets kinda dragged carried into the infirmary and just accepts her fate. Babies.

Margia watches the departure of Serini and her various supporters, then turns her attention to eating.

L'dor is thoughtful, and lets out a long-drawn breath. "Well, we aren't going to be much use to the future-time Weyr if we all end up like her. But then, L'ott said the Weyrwoman had written a note in the future, so I guess she must have got there all right. Will get there all right. Whatever." His headshake communicates a certain level of bewilderment, but then he listens for a moment and sighs. "And now Banyth's playing messenger: Shana wants to know what all this stuff that Azimuth's telling her is. I guess the dragons are talking about it too." He looks down at his scarcely touched plate of stew. "Funny, I'm not hungry any more. Guess I'd better be going." And with a few words of farewell, he goes.

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