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Schmitt says, "So, hi all."

A'yon waves. "Hiyas."

Iopeian waves.

March says, "Heya!"

Schmitt says, "I'd hoped to make this a more optimistic meeting, but reviewing the +compliments and +available data for the last few weeks has confirmed my feeling that almost nobody is actually RPing. If anyone has any thoughts on that I'd like to hear them."

Iopeian says, "Other than that reminds me to submit one for a scene today. ;)"

Linsora says, "I just keep forgetting to set my +rp to Yes whenever I log on really and I've been trying to track down K'teric for the tag scene he and I should do"

K'teric has arrived.

Iopeian says, "Speak of the devil."

March wonders if +rp isn't as helpful as it might be - it's great if people remember to set it, but if not, you can sit there thinking no-one's available.

A'yon nods. Ditto, about the +rp Yes thing here. I think part of it could have something to do with the time of year, just coming out of the holidays, people trying to get back into the flow per say.

Iopeian says, "Personally, I never remember to set it, even with the prompt."

K'teric eeps! And... I like +rp, but I haven't used it for awhile 'cuz I've pretty much only been on for pre-sceduled things.

March says, "If you're generally RPable when on, you could set in in your aconnect."

Linsora says, "Then there are people like me who always forget how to set aconnects :)"

A'yon waves. "My problem too."

March says, "@aconnect me=blah."

Schmitt says, "It's been slow for a few months, but dismal in the last month. Have you looked at +length lately? We've lost most of the chromatic riders. I'm not convinced a jump forward is going to get enough of a spark going. To be totally honest with you guys, I'm a little burnt out, RL is kicking my balls emotionally, and I'm not on at prime hours to try to RP with people. I've had some excitement about the jump, and we have 5 features who would like to continue as features in one form or another so far."

Zelinci has arrived.

Zelinci lurks.

Linsora says, "I haven't been playing on any other Pern games lately, but I don't know if any ads have been going around to other games to try and get other people around. If there hasn't, maybe we need to send out some more to other games in order to help bring new people in"

A'yon blinks. "We only have 24 approved characters, how many of those are features? Half?"

Schmitt says, "Yes."

March says, "The plot's a good thing to put in an ad, certainly, but if new folk come along and don't find RP, they tend to leave again quite quickly."

Linsora says, "I know I can try to be around in order to RP, when I can depending on classes of course."

Schmitt says, "Which is what's been happening lately. We've lost all the new people. Here's what I see as our options."

Alert: Linsora is now available for RP.

Schmitt says, "A/ We jump forward, publicize the game heavily, make a real effort to be available to RP, and see how it goes. B/ We decide to close, and hold a few RP events over the next few weeks culminating in our triumphant jump forward to save future Connell. C/ We see if Red Star Passes would be willing to adjust their history a bit and merge into them as part of the time-jumping plot."

Linsora says, "I personally think we should try jumping forward. The idea of more hatchings may help people come in who want to be a rider, and having Threadfalls will also help people create rider characters. Also, there is the fact that the only option for RP right now is a semi-active weyr with some crafters. I know A'yon and I are planning on trying to taking up the Lord/Lady Holders of Connel, so perhaps it would help that having two areas for RP will help, a Hold and a Weyr, give people some more options. I know that I would like a chance to holding some Gatherings at the Hold when the time is right, in game and RL timing."

Zakias says, "To be honest, I would prefer B. I feel done as this character, and I'm probably going to wrap Zak up even if the overwhelming majority do vote for A."

March says, "C is only worth trying if there are people who want to hang on to their characters."

Iopeian says, "Realistically, Schmitt, are you and March up for option A? I think there are more stories to tell about Connell, but I know my activity has been dismal recently with the holidays. Do we have enough activity so that staff isn't carrying the brunt of the load?"

A'yon says, "I'm with Linsora, I'd vote for A. A jump forward would generate RP, especially if we promote it. I think C could also work as well, if the folks at RSP were game. Good point Io... Schmitt, March what are your real thoughts about all this?"

Schmitt says, "Realistically, I'm not sure I am and I'm not sure we do. I am willing to give it another couple of months. March?"

March says, "If enough people want A and are prepared to actually play, then I'm up for it. But, we've lost or seen little of a lot of formerly-active people, which is a bit dispiriting; I'm wondering whether we'd have the support."

March says, "Trying to keep something going with very few people is soul-destroying. Been there, done that."

Linsora says, "I've been here since the beginning, I'm willing to see this game to the end. I don't plan on leaving it until it closes or something absolutely forces me away."

Schmitt says, "Does anyone else have an opinion?"

A'yon agrees. "Me too, this is a great game, and as Io said, there is still many more stories to be told about Connell. I'll support the game and the wonderful wizzen of it, regardless of the outcome. This place is the coolest!

Iopeian says, "Honestly, I'm good with any of the three options. It's really hard to keep something going when the playerbase has shrunk down, and it shouldn't be entirely the brunt of staff."

Schmitt says, "The other option we have is going to some sort of different format. RP per LJ, email, setting up a RP session once a week where the core players gather... probably not attractive options for those of us used to MU*ing."

March says, "Hi, Ulana!"

L'far has been inactive on all Pern, not just here.

Iopeian will catch Ulana up.

L'far says, "So, it's not you guys."

Ulana waves. Had to grocery shop first.

March says, "Food is good! ;)"

K'teric just will note, regretfully, that I don't anticipate having time to help things stay afloat in the case of option A. Since I'll be retiring Kit anyway, I don't have much vested in the decision. I would probably create a non feature in the case of A. (And I would be game for trying out one of those alternate scenario.)

L'far gives his two cents. If we do A, I will TRY and get more active, but I can't promise anything...I have little interest in Pern right now, it's likely to come back, but doesn't seem about to do so. If we do C...I doubt I'll stick around.

L'far says, "Simply because I don't know if I want to do another *new* game right now :-/."

Schmitt says, "OK. Please say 'Yes' if you can commit to being available to RP in the case of option A, along with recruiting if possible, if we jump forward and keep the game open. There are totally no hard feelings if you can't."

Linsora says, "Yes"

A'yon says, "yes"

L'far sighs and honestly can't, but will stay around.

Iopeian says, "We've already talked about my availability, Schmitt, March. So I'll give it a qualified yes on the RP, but on the recruiting? I just don't have the time and energy."

L'far is a lousy recruiter anyway, in general.

Linsora says, "I may not play much anymore, but I do know some places to go advertise."

Ulana notes that she's mostly interested in everyone having a good time... and A seems to have the potential to grind down the people who are trying hard to keep things running. I think B might be more emotionally satisfying for all involved. I mean, it ends - but we all have an end, which is more than most people who MU* get.

Schmitt says, "Please say 'Transfer' if you are interested in my approaching KarmaBum to talk about merging into their timeline with the time-jumping plot. You can vote for this and option A too if you like."

L'far has to vote against.

Iopeian says, "Transfer"

Schmitt nods to Ulana. We've been open and had very high quality RP for two years. That's not a bad record, and there's no shame in closing, though it's sad.

March says, "It is sad. The transfer seems worth investigating, at least, for those who want it."

Linsora says, "Transfer"

A'yon says, "Transfer"

Linsora says, "Sorry, we were discussing."

A'yon nods.

Ulana says, "That's what I'm saying. I just don't want you to end up in a position where Staff (anyone else) is all resentful."

Ulana is basically gonna be around no matter what's done, but is not likely to transfer.

L'far is definitely not transferring.

Linsora says, "But I want the transfer only to happen as a last resort before closing the game, personally."

Schmitt says, "Thanks, guys. Does anyone have anything else to add, or any questions? I'll post this to the LJ as well, and have a decision in the next week."

March says, "It sounds as if any of those options involves going ahead with the time jump plot. Do we need to talk about that?"

Schmitt says, "I think since we'll have two different discussions depending on whether we transfer or stay open, we may as well wait; if we close, it's a moot point."

A'yon says, "Schmitt, this is an amazing game, and as you said, we have had 2 great years of rp. It is /your/ baby that we have been playing in per say, and as much as I would love to see Connell continue, in any version, if it would be better to close, then so be it."

Zelinci, quite belatedly, "Transfer. If the Zel that comes back is an older Zel, I'd heavily consider it."

Zelinci ors, "I'd stick around for A, but would transfer if it came down to C." >_>;

Schmitt says, "Well, thanks again. Anyone want to play Yahtzee?"

Iopeian says, "Sorry, spouse demanding attention. As I asid before, I'm cool with any of the options. I wish I had the time and energy to devote to really recruiting, because I think some heavy recruiting is what we need to get the numbers back up. And IMHO: that's more than just advertising. It's bringing people here. Being around, having plots going on that allow for people to jump in and get their teeth into things."

Zakias is gonna pop off now. Sorry for being depressing.

Iopeian says, "Like Ulana, I don't want to see staff get burned out. We have had two years of great RP. And this may be what more pern games are moving towards: smaller games that have plot arcs that end, rather than dinos that go on forever."

March hopes we can carry on, but if we close, it's better go go out cleanly and wind up in a satisfying way, IMHO.

Schmitt says, "Bye, Zak."

L'far would rather the game closed than devolved into an undead game like another one he plays, personally.

A'yon agrees. "I'd love to see the jump forward go on as planned, but it is better to end on a good note, with one large massive RP, then evolve into a land of idleness with no players. Look at all the arcs that we have had, they have been amazing, the potential is still there, but... time changes and that is the way of things.
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