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A'yon and L'ott talk rationally, has Pern frozen over?

Players: L’ott and A’yon/Kalavoth
IC Time: Early evening, day 20 of month 13 of Turn 201 in the 4th Interval. This event occurs directly following the dinner in the hall with Margia.
Synopsis: L’ott and A’yon have a nice, quiet chat which reveals many surprises.

Weyrleader's Office
This office has a circular outer wall with one large window; the other two walls slant inwards, so that the shape of the office is slightly wedged. Still, it's quite a good-sized office. The floor is set with ceramic tiles in shades of blue and bronze.

Gone are the two desks, replaced instead by one rather large oval table. An assortment of chairs sits around the table, with the largest found placed in the center, on the side opposite the door. Currently, hides are stacked neatly in piles, while the pieces of a set of shelves lie along the far wall. Tacked up neatly along one wall is a roster of dragons and their riders, sorted by wings. Along the other is a fairly large scale map of Pern, with all the various holds, halls, and weyrs marked, and a fairly large space at the bottom where the southern continent is being roughly sketched in.

L'ott steps into his office and releases a slight sigh as, instead of moving towards the table chairs as would be proper, he heads over to one of those big, over-stuffed pillow seats that he'd had dragged into here not a week ago. By the indention already there, this isn't the first time he's plopped down comfortably upon it. Apparently he finds this a casual enough occasion to do so in front of 'company', because he makes a small show of getting comfortable before he looks towards the entrance..and presumably A'yon.

Presumably is right, A'yon follows the younger bronzerider through the door not more than a few moments later, still bearing his mug and juice pitcher. He stops short, glancing around at the changes before taking a seat in another of the over-stuff pillow things. Mug is refilled, before he places the pitcher within arms reach. "First off, I just want to say that I am sorry for comments made the last time the two of us were in here. That conversation went bad quick, and I don't intend this one to go in that direction." Sighing, he takes a sip before shifting a little in the strange seat, frowning as it moves under him. "I actually came to speak with you about another matter, but the comments about Margia I think need to be addressed first. What /exactly/ were you asking me about in there L'ott?"

Whenever someone had a sudden apparent change of heart, especially to the degree that would involve A'yon (un)comfortably sitting down on a plush pillow in his office, apologizing and seemingly amiable. In L'ott's world, that wasn't a good thing, which might explain the heavy frown he continues to wear as A'yon speaks. Towards the end of it, he chews on what happened in the dining hall for a moment, along with Margia and A'yon's reactions and the little details he might have missed in his annoyance, before he responds. "I was asking you what that was about. What truths about Margia are there? Maybe where she came from? Who the hell she really is?" He keeps a level enough tone, though there's some aggitation in his voice, as though he were a kid realizing that he's been left out of all the fun stuff.

A'yon takes a sip nodding. "What would you like to know. Io and I quickly figured out who Margia was within a few months of her arrival. Hard as it is to believe, Margia is who she says she is, the former Senior Weyrwoman of Connell Weyr. She has led the Queen's wing against the fall of thread and helped Connell grow and expand. She is simply, a goldrider from our future. All the little clues are there, if one takes the time to look. She got confused one day, and by some miracle managed to come back, between times to arrive here. This information of course, was and is limited to those who need to know, which at the time were Io, D'ac, and myself of course, the Harper knows as well."

A'yon conveys information all in one lump sum that would be best digested in smaller parts. L'ott, being who he is, has absolutely no immediate reply to that, his eyes wide as though they alone could filter things out. Closer to the end, his eyebrows narrow and his lips draw back into a sort of grimace before he mutters a little hoarsely.. "F**king insane.." in reference to A'yon's mental state, no doubt. "Between -times-? From our f**king future? A'yon, I'm not some f**king f**ked up weyrling who believes every piece of crap his 'superior' throws at him. Do you honestly expect me to believe that sh**? Thread falling and some crazy old woman is supposedly from another time, nevermind that she's senial as hell. If it were possible, Sehkteth would know." His tirade tapers off slowly, mouth dry enough that he leans forward and snatches the pitcher before taking a drink straight from it. After forgetting to ask, he forgets to apologize as he sets it down and looks back to A'yon. "Why do you have it out for me, A'yon? What'd I f**king do besides get on your nerves, that you're trying to tear me down?"

A'yon holds his tongue, downing what is left in his mug at the same time L'ott finishes off the pitcher. "Lets start again, all right? One thing at a time. First things first." Leaning forward, he wobbles as the chair moves, but continues on. "Listen L'ott, there are several things that need to be said between us. I have done a tremendous amount of thinking between the flight and now, and I made a promise to a friend that I would try to explain things too you. I was angry that Kalavoth was so close, and in my eyes I was robbed of the Weyrleadership. It was a mating flight, and these things happen, not what all occurred in the hall of course." One hand gets run through his hair, "it has a lot to do with my history. Things you might not know about, the /first/ mating flight. I was one of two bronzeriders, who lost the initial weyrleadership of Connell to a brownrider that Io fancied. Z'kar and I went to Z'ulec and demanded he step down, naming one of us as the Weyrleader, he didn't and the two of us left. We were exiled from here, I returned because of Linsora. All that anger I directed at you when I lost the flight again, in my mind under the same type of situation as before." He throws his hand up, "I don't have it out for you, I just don't believe you are the best person to lead the weyr. What's done is done, and until Ayerpheth rises again, you are the Weyrleader. I should have offered to help you that night, not vow to see you removed. My plan today was to do that very thing. I want to help, that is all. No schemes, no cons, just the truth. I am working on getting Kal over his injury, for the /next/ leadership flight, but for now, I want to help you."

Dragon> To Sehkteth, Kalavoth is suddenly there again, cascading waves of mahogany, << Mine does speak the truth. He has been tormented by past fears and anger during which he has even shut me out. Mine believes that he can help yours, but is worried that yours will not believe him. >> A brief pause and then, << Mine is truthful about Niorath's as well, I have seen images of what she has shown me, and they are of our weyr, and yet not. Me and mine have gone between times, and will teach yours whenever he wants. >>

L'ott shifts slightly as he listens to A'yon. Its a valuable quiet time from him, a moment to cool down and collect himself, despite the fact that he would rather be doing something opposite to 'calm.' He doesn't seem surprised by A'yon's words, though he does listen to their entirety. Towards the end, a faint smirk crosses his lips. "Thank you for sharing that touching moment with me. So, because you felt slighted in a mating flight more then once and were exiled years ago because you refused to accept someone else as Weyrleader, you thought you could push me around. Scare me. Maybe even attack me." L'ott's eyes cast downwards as he once more falls quiet. Despite the harshness of his words, he seems more troubled then bitter. "I haven't been a part of this place since it opened. Should I say, since I was thrown down here. But I did make a point to know who I was dealing with. I knew the premise behind why you left, and why you came back. I didn't exactly relate the two events, but I figured you had more then enough reasons to come after me after Sehkteth caught. I don't need excuses or reasons." He pauses for a moment before looking back to A'yon. "But I could use your help." Its something he's long had to grit his teeth over and accept. He needed the help of others in the Weyr to be able to stay above the drowning point. "And.. Sehkteth vouches for what you're saying, however the hell its possible. So Thread and.. I .." he suddenly looks a lot older then his years. "Tomorrow I want you to teach us. I want things cleared up."

A'yon sighs deeply, running both hands through his now loosened hair, and trying to ignore the shifting chair he has found himself on. Blue eyes regard the younger man calmly, listening to him entirely before he speaks. "Going between times is something that is done rarely, and is often not even talked about to brown, green, or blue riders. Weyrwomen know, as do Weyrleaders in the North, and most bronzeriders. I taught D'ac, but Io and I never really thought the time was right to teach you three, then the flight happened. I am sure it was over looked." He glances about for the pitcher, remembers all the juice is gone, then continues. "Tomorrow Kal and I will show you and Sehkteth how. Io and I had decided the knowledge needed to remain limited, if you understand. It does help clear up the situation with Margia some. First thing to think about, until tomorrow, between times is dangerous, I am almost sure that is what happened to Jaqua and Edirath, they got confused. It is deadly, and can not be used to go back to change a wrong. You can imagine D'ac wanted to go back and try to prevent Sofika's Tecath's death, it was hard explaining why he couldn't. Think about that before tomorrow." Standing, he walks over and looks out the window at the evening sky. "I am not proud of something's in my life L'ott, everything that happened with you, well, it has been the lowest point thus far." Turning back he offers a sad smile, "I do mean what I said, I would like to be Weyrleader again, but I plan to do it honestly, through a mating flight. It is why I have been trying to recondition Kal so much. Anyway," he turns back, heading toward the door. "I think I should go and find Linsora and the kids now, I do so love being a father. What time tomorrow Weyrleader, would after drills be best?"

"Overlooked.. sure." L'ott remarks with a slight curl of his lips before smirking quietly. "I wouldn't have told me. Even now." The wrong person with that sort of information could do.. bad things with it. He thinks on such as he listens to A'yon emphasizing on the dangers of Timing and the true fate of Jaqua and Edirath. He's silent through it all, his cold eyes loosely focused on the wall across the room. Towards the end, its the bit about being a father that draws him out of his thoughts with a slight flinch and a quick look towards A'yon. He pushes up from the chair a bit awkwardly, brushing down his shirt as he does so. "Weyrleader.." He shakes his head. "I still don't like that title. Tomorrow after drills works, yes. I think I'm going to go take care of Sehkteth now."

A'yon nods, "Have a good night L'ott." Turning, A'yon departs, closing the door quietly after him.
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