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6th February 2014

schmitt7:28pm: *taps mic* is this on?
Settlers of Pern's mutant grandchild MUSH, Second Pass, has been around for three and a half years now. Seems like a good time to re-invite some old friends. Here's our latest ad:

Looking for something to love? Come and check out Second Pass, a sane Pern MUSH with a cheerful, mature atmosphere and low-key, long-running plots. In our timeline, the level of technology has not yet decayed irretrievably, yet parts are wearing out and cannot be replaced, and fighting Thread distracts attention and resources away from science and industry. One of the last computers on the planet failed recently, and the last field of vital opium poppies was destroyed by a stray Thread burrow.

The deadly flu epidemic that just swept across Pern has left plenty of openings in our PC area, Xanadu Town. Its aftermath is bringing all kinds of changes, including hints of the feudal Pern of later novels. Play a high class citizen with an eye on wealth and power, or a beleaguered holder. Own a business or join the police! Be a lady (or gentleman) of the night! We'll work with you to create a character you'll love to play.

There's also change in the air for Xanadu's three wings of dragonriders. While one wingleader has tapped a bluerider as wingsecond, another has demoted his experienced greenriding 'second in favour of a young bronzerider. Is the chromatic revolution at hand? Nothing says love like a dragon, and two queens are due to rise soon. Second Pass has an easy-peasy Search process, or you can adopt or create an instarider of your very own.

Check out our logs and info at http://www.2pmush.net or log in at riverdark.net port 1234. If chargen isn't your cup of tea, we have fully written roster characters available, including demoted ex-wingsecond Fiona and shady cheesemaker Jens.

25th April 2010

schmitt1:23am: Good news: I am not burnt out any more (I read the log of our last OOC meeting and was stunned at how obviously depressed I was).

Bad news: I still live in a stupid timezone, I have a different job and cannot MUSH from it, and I now have a time-sucking horse.

Good news: There's a complete codebase sitting there on Settlers if there were any interest in a new theme.

Anyone out there?
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22nd March 2007

schmitt9:10pm: As heard from the bronzerider and former Weyrleader L'ott, who jumped forward late to join the rest of the time-travelers when he was in his 40s:

With 150 riders and residents leaving Connell Weyr, two golds and two wings were left behind with the intention of continuing to work towards Connell being a full, viable Weyr with attendant Holds. Although the Weyr floundered initially with its immediate purpose of fighting Threadfall removed, Acting Weyrwoman Zelinci and Weyrleader L'ott pulled things onto an even keel and the Weyr started to prosper.

Although it had been widely assumed that Zelinci's Valath would be the first to rise and confirm her as Weyrwoman, Zelinci's half-sister Ulana's Queriath rose in her maiden flight several weeks before Valath. S'los's bronze Anwarith caught.

Weyrwoman Ulana, seventeen and full of righteous narcissism and sex appeal, was not the gentlest soul ever to lord it over a Weyr. She soon had her Weyrleader wound around her little finger, and Zelinci, who had previously been in a relationship with S'los, transferred North when the angst became too much for her.

This was a harbinger of things to come. Soon riders and residents alike found themselves on heavy punishment duty for looking at Ulana wrong, for taking the last piece of pie, for not complimenting her enough -- for many reasons, each more specious than the last. Meanwhile the quality of life for the weyrfolk declined while the quality of life of Ulana and her peers rose sharply.

When the demands for more and more tithes finally drove both Holds to re-merge with their Northern ancestors, S'los finally saw the light: he left Ulana in her despotic Weyr and moved North, presumably to rejoin Zelinci. A'yon, still holding onto the dream of Connell Weyr, stepped into his place as Weyrleader and attempted to curb Ulana's behavior.

But it was already too late. More people found reasons and excuses to leave, and when the number of dragonriders dwindled to less than half a wing, A'yon announced the closure of Connell. L'ott left at this point, but, he reports, the rumor is that Ulana stayed on and on while every last one of her Weyrfolk deserted her, and left only when she was offered a cash benefit from Igen Weyr for every dragonet Queriath produced for them.

Connell was dead before it was ten Turns old.
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19th March 2007

kalavoth8:03pm: A'yon's History
I have sat down and wrote up a final history for my character A'yon. If any are interested it can be found on A'yon's LJ, with the rest of his story.

I would like to say that it is available for edit, if you would like your character to be added, or removed, send me an email about it or drop a comment.

"... On Dragonwings, Seen then, Unseen."
Clear skies and safe travels my friends!
A'yon and Kalavoth
Dragonriders of Pern
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22nd February 2007

broidalth8:33pm: Ready the Weyrs, all riders fly; Red Star Passes.
IC Time: Evening of day 9 of month 6 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Players: Alshain, A'yon, Iopeian, K’teric, L’ott, Zakias (and others npc’d)
Location: Weyr Clearing
Scene: Final farewells and the long jump

Rise the dragonmen on Pern. Aloft, on wing, seen, then unseen.Collapse )

A Red Star beckons the travelers on.Collapse )
zakias7:10pm: One Last Drink Before We Go
Who: Alshain, A'yon, Blue, Gyane, L'dor and Zakias.

What: The afternoon before the jump forward to the future, some of Connell's residents (new and old) congregate in the bar.

IC time: It is about 5 PM on day 9 of month 6 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.

It'll be more of the same. With Thread.Collapse )

21st February 2007

kalavoth9:43pm: The Jump Forward - The Last Dinner at the Weyr
Time: 8 PM on day 6 of month 6 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Place: Connell Weyr’s Dining Hall
Players: Iopeian, Zakias, L’ott, K’teric, A’yon, Linsora, and Serini
Synopsis: Plans are made and goodbyes are given as the Settlers of Connell prepare for the jump to the Future, in this their last evening at the Weyr.

Clear skies...Collapse )

20th February 2007

halfblood_zel2:33pm: Logfile: You're NOT leaving?
Time: A few days after L'ott's announcement.
Players: Zakias, Zelinci
Summary: Zakias assumes Zelinci's leaving, and she's not. He then proceeds to irritate one of the few friends he has left.

You're NOT leaving?Collapse )

17th February 2007

ulana_settlers9:12am: Inventory
IC Time: Mid-month 5 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Players: L’ott, A'yon, L'dor, Ulana.
Location: South Caves
Scene: Preparations of supplies for the jump.  Thanks to banyth for the early poses.

14th February 2007

broidalth9:00pm: Too big a dream
IC Time: Earely evening on 13 of month 5 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Players: L’ott and K’teric
Location: Weyrleader’s Office
Scene: Kit’s decision

Home sick, K'teric? Or have you decided that this is a suicide run?Collapse )

CommentaryCollapse )

9th February 2007

ulana_settlers8:37am: I can't see as how this'll work well for -me-.
Time: After 'The Announcement'
Place:  The Cave
Players: B'net, Ulana
Scene: Ulana and B'net discuss their options; the youngerst weyrwoman begins her plans.  They revert to the usual sluttiness at the end.

banyth11:35am: The Announcement
Time: About 6 PM on day 11 of month 4 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Place:Dining Hall.
Players: Alshain, A'yon, Blue, B'net, Elayne, Linsora, L'dor, L'ott, Margia, Serini, Sofika, Zakias.
Scene:Weyrleader L'ott announces the jump forward in time.

You guys know I'm not one for prepared speeches.Collapse )

7th February 2007

skywaterblue7:39pm: Who: Alshain and Zakias.
What: They discuss whether or not they are going forward.
Where: Records Room
When: Day after the announcement

Alshain and Zakias, the day after the announcementCollapse )

PS: It would be nice if someone could put up the Announcement log.
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29th January 2007

schmitt1:10pm: Settlers of Pern will be merging into Red Star Passes with our time-jumping plot in approximately mid-February. Anyone who wishes to transfer needs to remember to @mail me in game and read all pertinent info on our bb, and at some point before the jump create your character and secure approval on Red Star Passing.

If your character is not active at this time but you still want to transfer, please get reapproved and participate in the events leading up to the jump.

Currently approved feature characters have been given the OK to transfer to Red Star Passing. You'll need to meet their activity requirements and they are reserving the right to review our features after 2 months and move any non-contributors off-camera.

If you do not wish to transfer your current character but still want to play a Connell character who goes forward, please contact March or I in-game to get access to chargen. No new features or greenriding women will be accepted but other characters can be created for the jump.
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13th January 2007

banyth4:01am: Message from the future
IC time: Evening, day 1 of month 2 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Place: Dining Hall.
Players: A'yon, Blue, D'ac, Iopeian, K'teric, L'dor, L'ott, Linsora, Margia, Sofika.
Scene: The sixth anniversary celebration, and something surprising is found when Margia drops her locket.

"You should have told everyone just -when- Thread will fall again."Collapse )

11th January 2007

kalavoth4:51pm: A'yon and L'ott talk rationally, has Pern frozen over?
Players: L’ott and A’yon/Kalavoth
IC Time: Early evening, day 20 of month 13 of Turn 201 in the 4th Interval. This event occurs directly following the dinner in the hall with Margia.
Synopsis: L’ott and A’yon have a nice, quiet chat which reveals many surprises.
But I could use your help.Collapse )
banyth9:26pm: Stupid old woman.
IC time: Early evening, day 20 of month 1 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Place: Dining Hall.
Players: A'yon, L'ott, Margia, Ulana.
Scene: Dinner with the Weyrleader is not a stunning social success.

"And I was Weyrleader of Pern since I was two."Collapse )

4th January 2007

kalavoth10:16pm: Clifftop Conversations
IC Time: It is about 7 PM on day 5 of month 1 of Turn 202 in the 4th Interval.
Players: A’yon/Kalavoth and Serini/Korenath
Location: Clifftop
Synopsis: A chance meeting on the clifftop results in a conversation where topics cover L’ott, Leadership, and babies.

No, it seems I can't get near him without this urge to strangle him popping into my head.Collapse )

1st January 2007

banyth5:16pm: Spreading out
IC time: About noon, day 12 of month 13 of Turn 201 in the 4th Interval.
Place: Dining Hall.
Players: Alshain, L'dor.
Scene: Alshain and L'dor discuss a possible use for L'dor's new interest.

Why haven't they asked us?Collapse )
schmitt1:37pm: December Plot DevelopmentsCollapse )

29th December 2006

banyth12:18am: Date of birth
IC time: About 3 PM on day 9 of month 13 of Turn 201 in the 4th Interval.
Place: Weyr Clearing; Margia and Niorath's Weyr.
Players: Blue; Margia.
Scene: Blue has tea with Margia, but finding out the old lady's age proves problematic.

I'm sure that can't be right. That would make me two hundred and fifty, or something.Collapse )

2nd December 2006

schmitt2:26pm: November Plot DevelopmentsCollapse )
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18th November 2006

zakias12:04pm: Who: Samarne and Zakias

What: Zakias goes to meet the newest of his former apprentices's dragons, and Samarne expresses her concerns about what happened on the sands.

IC time: It is about 11 AM on day 28 of month 8 of Turn 201 in the 4th Interval.

Violence at hatchings?Collapse )
healersofi11:20am: Postie la loggue.
Who: D'ac, Sofika.
When: Day 23 of month 8 of Turn 201 in the 4th Interval.
What: Sofika finds Da'ac whilst Izz is feeding, lets him know that his mindhealing sessions have been arranged. Calls him a big fat idiot.

In which the inevitable happens - D'ac makes Sofika angry. Yet /again/.Collapse )
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